What Foods Have Gluten?

what foods contain gluten
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“What Foods Have Gluten?”

what Foods Have Gluten
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If you suffer from gluten sensitivities, you may feel limited to what you can and cannot eat. Especially if you live in an area where gluten-free options are limited.

For those who aren’t hip to the world of gluten and its many traces, it may be difficult trying to wrap your head around this relatively new concept.

This is quite understandable as there is so much conflicting information. If you’re new to the world of gluten-free and what to understand which products contain this protein, keep reading for some insightful information. So let’s find out just what foods have gluten in them.

Gluten: The Basics

Have you ever made fresh bread or muffins? Do you notice that resounding elasticity that occurs when the flour, water, and other ingredients are perfectly mixed?

You can blame gluten for helping these ingredients maintain this circular shape. Items that are baked with our gluten typically fall apart easier since they don’t have anything to stick to.

The three basic food groups that contain gluten are:

• Wheat

• Wheat Germ

• Rye

• Barley

Some of the most common foods that contain these ingredients are rice, pasta, bread, and baked goods; items that are considered staples in many households.

what foods contain gluten
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A few other products that contain gluten are:

• Bulger

• Couscous

• Farina

• Graham Flour

While it’s safe to conclude that a majority of gluten-based products are wheat, it’s surprising to note that many inconspicuous items are rich in this temperamental protein. Certain condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, and salad dressings contain traces of gluten.

In addition, popular beverages like beer, wheatgrass, and vodka are rife with gluten properties. This makes going out for a night of drinking quite difficult for the gluten-intolerant.

Why Do So Many Products Contain Gluten?

It’s easy to understand why bread, rice, and flour contain large amounts of gluten. These products are made directly from wheat sources. But, why do common sauces like ketchup and ranch have gluten traces? Are they made from wheat?

Not exactly. Malt vinegar is a widely used base to create delicious delicacies like pickles, beer and, you guessed it, condiments. Researchers have found that small amounts of the gluten protein are found in malt vinegar!

This makes it increasingly hard for people with gluten sensitivities to avoid even the most inconspicuous of products.

In addition, since gluten is used to help products maintain their shape, it’s widely used as a decorative additive. That’s why it’s so important to take a close look at the ingredients listed on the items you purchase.

Another key thing to look for are other ingredients that may contain additives of wheat. Such include spelt, rye, and barley. Although an item is labeled as “wheat-free” they may have traces of these other ingredients that contain high levels of gluten. As always, re-read the ingredients listed and research any items you’re unfamiliar with.

Surprising Non-Food Items That Contain Gluten

Those who have a gluten intolerance may find that topical items make their symptoms flare up. They’ll be stunned to know that certain lotions and beauty products contain gluten!

A recent study shared at the American College of Gastroenterology, sought to make the connection between lip balm and celiac disease. If lip balm contain traces of gluten, could it irritate someone who has been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance?

While the debate is still up in the air, many people with this irritation have chosen to stay away from all products, topical or not, with hints of gluten.

The Conclusion

Since there are so many items that contain gluten, both organically and not, it’s always advised to thorough read the listed ingredients in popular items. If you have a strong reaction to gluten, play it safe and only purchase products that are labeled “gluten-free.” Hopefully you now know What Foods Have Gluten?

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